Thursday, March 16, 2006

Introduction to FrugalStudent

My name is Keagan, and I am a college student at a small liberal arts college in PA. Most of my classmates live a very "preppy" lifestyle, they take trips on a moments notice, they hike strange mountains in the summer, and don't fret to spend $75 on a Lacoste polo. I know for a fact that my back account is not as padded as many of my friends. However, this does not stop me form working hard and enjoying many of the perks of this lifestyle. I have done my fair share of traveling, look the part, and best of all it all looks effortless. It is not small feat that my best friend and I tend to find the best way to rock the "Northface Denali" fleece without paying full price for it. We eat out at four-star restaurants, rarely paying the full price for the " Black Sea Bass", it is simply not an option. This blog is for anyone (although geared to the young adult) who is interested in learning how to maintain or attain a "preppy" lifestyle without paying full price. I have gotten to where I am today from a number of factors that I will attempt to share with you, but I have worked extremely hard throughout the process at everything that I do. Everything posted on this site is from personal experience, unless noted otherwise. I hope you will come to use this site as guide, Enjoy!


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